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Baby Products

Organic Baby Food


Of late, a new trend has begun to take the center stage and everyone is noticing. You guessed it. It’s the new organic food trend. Everyone is rushing to these quaint little organic stores and grabbing everything from fruits and vegetables to breads and cakes. You can even find organic ingredients now. But did you ever stop to think that all these emerging places only cater to one type of customer? The adults. None of them sell anything that is made specifically for a baby with a babies need and appetite in mind. We, however, have your baby’s sole interest in mind. Call us a knight in shining armor, if you love organic food and think your baby should join in too, we are the right place for you.  

If organic food gives adults so many benefits and saves us from so many diseases while keeping us healthy, won’t it be good for a growing baby as well? If you agree with us then don’t let the shortage of organic baby food stop you from providing your baby with the best quality of food there is. Shop at our online store,, or visit our warehouse to see for yourself how committed we are to a baby’s happiness.   

The bellamy’s organic formula price  is very reasonable when you compare the benefits it will give, listed ahead. If you have a newborn, then you should go for the step 1 tub, which has just the right amount of everything, giving your baby the energy they need while making sure it’s easily digestible. As they grow up, you can opt for the further steps in bellamy’s formula variety, made with the baby’s growing needs in mind. Since this organic food is made without any pesticide interaction, or any genetically modified organisms, you can rest assured that it is right for your child. This brand also offers other baby foods, apart from baby formula. They vary from fruit snacks made with real organic fruit, to porridges and pasta, using all natural ingredients and also milk and rusks. No matter your child’s age, their organic needs will be met right here.  

If your baby’s potty going routines have got you worried then it is time to switch to our organic formula. It will get your baby’s digestive system right on track. And, you can even order our just in case you aren’t prepared for the frequent mess that will be made. Don’t fret, that is totally normal. Once your baby gets back in potty routine, you will see the wonders organic food can do.  

Place an order now to avail our free and safe delivery, shipped on the same day of your order. If you are worried our delivery will disturb your baby’s nap time, leave instructions with your order and your items will be left at your doorstep. If unsure of which organic food to start giving your baby, give us a call and our experts will be happy to be of assistance.   baby-items


Baby Products

Products That Every Parent Wishes They Have

There’s simply no short cut to ace parenting. At one point we all have been in our lowest and same time melt away with loving moments of your child. However honestly, we as parents wouldn’t really mind cutting some slack and getting that alone time you need by letting technology take over. No, I don’t mean by nursery rhymes on YouTube or apps on your phone. Here are some of the products that parents wish were created or been created that makes their life one step more easier and hassle free.

Temperature controlled lunchbox

It’s just so disheartening when you child brings back the food you packed away with much love and care back home as it was maybe too cool. Don’t you just wish there was a temperature controlled lunchbox that lets you pack steaming spaghetti and chilled fresh fruits without been stale at the same time? Picture the look on your child’s face when he opens up the lunchbox and the food is still warm just as mommy serves him at home.

The milk monitor

There are many breastfeeding aids that are made available in the market right now.

Unlike the early year’s tools that have been invented for reliable breastfeeding aids is more than just a handful. Irrespective of the existing tools, one thing that we all moms would love to know is how much of milk her baby drinks. Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a machine that can measure the amount of milk in each breast before a feed and analyze how much milk was consumed post feeding? Pretty sure all mommy’s out there are nodding their heads in agreement.

Anti-wiggle cushion

Diaper changes can be quite a task especially with a very active baby. A simple diaper change will resemble a battle field just as you try to make your baby still. Well say goodbye to those battle field days, it would just be amazing to have a cushion that you can slip you baby in, which gives him less chance to wiggle during the changing sessions. A nice little pocket that can hold your smartphone can make your baby watch videos and be distracted while you change.

Car baby monitor

Driving around with your baby in a car seat can be nerve wreaking especially if your baby is not old enough to be front faced. It would be a whole lot easier if there was a baby monitor that can be installed much conveniently that you can keep an eye on your rear faced baby without losing focus on the road.