Children are the embodiment of innocence and are often believed to be the incarnation of God itself. We as individuals have a lot to learn from children around us. Parents however feel the other way round and are constantly burdening their children to learn what they feel is right. However in the name of learning and trying to make the children fit into the mould of a perfect child, the parents are actually burdening the kids with their own desires and want the latter to fulfill their wishes and dreams. But little do they realise that in the bargain they are making the kids lose their innocence, their individuality and their freedom of expression. There is a lot to learn from these little ones rather than vice versa and parents must be open to the fact that they can learn from their children too.

Nowadays, a lot of North Rockhampton childcare centres and schools are becoming aware of the shortcomings in the earlier education and child learning system. Most of them are introducing changes which help provide kids with the opportunity to explore and grow in an environment suited for their development.

The brain cells of a baby are active from the time they are born and most of their brain development is done till they are 18 Years of age. Thus, from birth a child can register a lot of things in their minds. The child care centres and schools must keep this in mind and provide kids with the right stimulus and numerous opportunities to keep the brain cells ticking.

Children also rely on their senses and learn things by making use of all or any one of their senses. That is the reason why infants usually touch and feel things and then instantly put things in their mouth. This is also the reason that they like listening to music or new sounds. They are exploring the world around by making use of their senses including the sense of touch, sound, taste, smell and sight.

Interestingly, kids view the world with a clear, innocent vision which is not tainted by opinions or prejudice. Thus, their imagination is not restricted by boundaries. Their imagination is limitless, not bounded by conditions or by logic and this gives rise to a highly creative mind, which can think out of the box. They just need the opportunity to explore and express them and it is the duty of parents and learning centres to provide them with the scope.

Once given the environment to explore, kids can teach their parents how to enjoy the small things in life, how to appreciate the world around, how to be happy without any reason, how to find novelty and pleasure in the little things. In short, children can teach their parents how to live.