Christmas today has become a commercialized affair with every business and every shop wanting to be a part of it. You will find everything from Christmas shoes to Christmas clothing being advertised with every business trying to capitalize on their share of the Christmas market. Christmas isn’t anything like it used to be. Christmas used to be about tradition. Christmas used to be about family. Sharing and creating memories with the family that you may have been away from way the priority in the olden days but today it is about alcohol, presents and money.
Creating memories for your childrenJust like today you look back at the Christmases you used to have with your family and feel that warmth inside of you, it is now your turn to create and make memories for your Children, memories they will cherish for the rest of their lives and memories that they will tell their own children about one day. Involved them in listing down Christmas gift ideas and Christmas shopping for the season but make it a point to have a price limit on each gift like kids lunch boxes with free gift wrapping. Show your children that Christmas is not about money or how big or expensive the gift is but about how much love you and thought put in to the gift.
In yester year, one of the most cherished Christmas traditions was chopping the fruit and making Christmas cake and making a wine according to a cherished family recipe. Today however, it is as easy as simply going out to the store and buying the Christmas cake and wine from the store, a cake and wine that will be mass made and full of preservatives. Instead, make it a family tradition to get together in the kitchen as a family and make your own Christmas cake and wine and include little pieces in your christmas gift ideas list at
Ask your children to make up ways that they can create handmade decorations for your home and also consider hand making your own Christmas tree. Although the tradition is to buy a fresh tree, today this tradition is dying out with the knowledge of how many years it takes to grow a Christmas tree and people are replacing that fresh tree with either a plastic one or a creative hand made one. A creative tree that will change every year is far more fun and exciting than a plastic tree of course. As your children to come up with ideas of how you can make your tree from old recycled material laying around your house.

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